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Cremation is undoubtedly growing in popularity, and in some areas, more than half of all families will request cremation. This is particularly true in some regions where cremation facilities are readily available. Most people request a ceremony at the Crematorium using their chapel, but you can also hold the service in a church or other venue of your choice before the cremation takes place.

It is entirely up to you if you want the service to be religious or non-religious. A religious service will usually be conducted by an ordained minister or member of the clergy from a specific faith or religion. A non-religious ceremony can have a civil celebrant or officiant from the humanist society, or you may choose to have no service at all.

What happens at the cremation Service?

Before the cremation service can go ahead, you will need to provide various documentation. We are on hand to assist you with all these arrangements and fill in the paperwork required.

Depending on your preference, mourners may assemble outside awaiting the arrival of the hearse or may take a seat in the chapel before the coffin is brought in. Or, the coffin can be taken to the venue before the family and other mourners arrive. Unless you have asked for additional time for the service, a cremation Brighton service usually lasts between 35-45 minutes depending on the crematoria. Please feel free to ask us if you have any concerns or questions on the local crematoria’s rules. The service can include several meaningful hymns or non-religious songs, eulogies, poems, and readings.

The Committal

The end of the service is known as the committal. During the committal, the coffin is usually obscured from view by curtains or taken out of the chapel. If you are arranging a funeral for a loved one and would prefer that the coffin is on view until everyone has left, your funeral director can arrange that for you.

We are always on hand to lead close family, friends, and other mourners out of the chapel. You will also have an opportunity to say your final goodbyes to your loved one on the way out and may  want to place a rose or sentimental item on the coffin. Once you have made your way out of the crematorium, the funeral director will take you to look at the floral tributes and the family will have some time to thank people for coming.

About the cremation

The cremation will always take place on the same day as the service, usually within a few hours of the service. The coffin, along with anything that may be sentimental, is placed on the coffin and taken into an area where the nameplate is checked. An identity card is then attached to the cremator where the coffin is placed and is always kept with the ashes until they leave the crematorium either by the collection of the funeral director or family member, or are scattered at a memorial.

The coffin is always cremated with the body in accordance with the Cremation Code of Practice. The code also requires that nothing must be removed from the coffin after it has been received from the chapel and that it must be placed in the cremator exactly as is received.

Why would people choose Cremation Brighton over a Burial?

You may feel that cremation is right because it acknowledges the reality that the person is no longer inhabiting their body and their spirit has departed.

In addition to religious and personal beliefs, there are other matters to consider. For example, cremation gives a much greater opportunity for ashes to be placed in a location that has a personal meaning.

Or it may be that cremation may cost less than a burial, although this isn’t always the case Whether you opt for a burial or cremation; there are still many opportunities to create meaningful experiences and memories.

Whatever the reason may be, H.J Newington Funeral Directors will always be on hand to respect the decision you chose. For more information, please call us on 01273 283 995

Woodvale Crematorium, Brighton

Built originally in 1856 and refurbished most recently in 2013, the North and South Chapels are located on either side of the main crematorium building. Woodvale Crematorium serves the community of Brighton & Hove and the surrounding area.

The original cemetery chapels, built in traditional Sussex flint, were adapted for cremation purposes in 1930, making them the first Crematorium to be established in Sussex and continues to be proudly owned and managed by Brighton & Hove City Council.

Woodvale Crematorium North Chapel

Woodvale Crematorium North Chapel

Woodvale Crematorium North Chapel
Woodvale Crematorium South Chapel
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Downs Crematorium, Brighton

The Downs crematorium located in Sussex privately owned by Dignity funerals Ltd, this Crematorium adjoins the north end of the Brighton and Preston Cemetery, from which it has direct access.

The downs crematorium also like Woodvale has the choice of two chapels where services can be held. The main chapel, which is the largest out of them can seat around 80 people, and the family chapel can seat approximately 24.

We can facilitate the Cremation of your loved one at a crematorium anywhere in Sussex and throughout, please feel free to contact us on 01273 283 995 for more information.

Woodvale Crematorium North Chapel

Downs Crematorium Main Chapel

Woodvale Crematorium North Chapel

Garden of Remembrance

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