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Modest cremation costs

Modest Cremation Service

Fully Inclusive £2,304

What’s Included in the Modest Cremation Service?

Third Party Costs Include The Following:

  • All fees paid to Woodvale crematorium on your behalf, including a 30 minute service
  • Two Doctors’ Fees are required to certify any death. These costs will be deducted if the death has been referred to a coroner. 2 x £82 = £164
  • A traditional black hearse to transport your loved one to the crematorium – £210
  • Provision of a minister or non-religious officiant to conduct the funeral service – £200


Our professional service fee includes:

    • Funeral Directors Fee. 
    • Professional & administration Fees.   
    • Provision of a Funeral Director to oversee the chosen funeral arrangements & attendance of our funeral director on the day of the funeral service, including four pallbearers to assist with carrying the coffin into the chapel on the day of the service.
    • The collection, distribution, and organisation of all floral tributes, charitable donations and obituary notices.
    • Assistance with the completion of all the associated legal documents submitted to the relevant authorities, including liaising with doctors or coroners.
    • 24-hour professional support and advice 7 days a week, which includes supporting family and friends throughout the process of the funeral arrangements.
    • The choice of a simple wood effect coffin fitted and lined with 4 gold effect handles and nameplate, or a cardboard coffin suitable for cremation.
    • We care for all our clients with the utmost respect, care and dignity with full love and affection towards your loved ones throughout our care. We would also like to support our clients with the option to be involved in assisting us in the preparation and care of your loved one if you wish to do so. 
    • Funeral arrangements can be facilitated in the comfort of your own home if you wish to do so or at our facilities at no additional cost.
    • We operate 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, to bring your loved one into our care at any time of the day or night within a 25mile radius at no additional cost. 
    • We will attempt to meet any requests you have with regards to the funeral and we will work to book a date and time that suits you.
    • The option to spend time with your loved one in our chapel of rest at a time that is suitable for you. 

    Once the Cremation has taken place, we will return your loved one’s ashes, usually within 2-3 days.

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